Friday, March 13, 2015

Our Smiling Neighbours at MPA Society

Molly and The Sock Granny

Our neighbours would like to say "thank you" for all the sock donations that bring a little comfort to their lives but more than that it warms their heart that we care for each other.

The staff photo has in the Back row Trevor, Carole and Ed who are Mental Health Care Workers and then Molly C. who is a Homeless Outreach Worker.
Front row is Miriah who is a Homeless Outreach Worker and Molly Mac who is the Art Therapist and Recreation Therapist for the MPA.

25 Appreciation Awards were given to members of MPA. Heartfelt cheering and applause rang through the room for everyone who won an Award. Each award was a major accomplishment and well deserved.

Four people gave me permission to publish their photograph and help me give a " smiling face" to the socks that have been donated.
Some spoke of the love they felt from the socks you donated when someone cared enough to donate soft extra warm socks.
On the left is Cheryl for “her caring and helpful spirit with others"
Left-- Patti and her award was for “her positive attitude and fun personality"
Right -- Terry and his Award was for “making us laugh”
Left -- Vicki and her award was for “her wonderful smile”

Friday, March 6, 2015

My Greatest Privilege Ever!

February 24, 2015 I was invited to a very special event at the MPA Resource Centre where I had been donating socks to the needy mentally ill and the homeless. I was excited to attend to finally meet in person some of these courageous people that have been getting some comfort from the over 1400 pairs of socks my family, friends and I have collected.

I will always remember my hour with everyone as they are such an example of caring and giving support to one another for important accomplishments by giving Certificates of Appreciation. There was about 25 categories and in house members of MPA voted for members they felt excelled in each category. There was a category called the "Brightest Smile" and the winner was so thrilled to get a Certificate for her smile! What a heart touching event.

I am most pleased to have the honour of being part their celebration.
Tnank you!