Monday, November 30, 2015

The Sock Granny Radio Interview

Molly and I were interviewed November 30. 2015 by Kirk LaPointe on Roundhouse Radio 98.3 the Program is called OUR CITY - you can listen to Molly and ‪#‎sockgranny‬ as it has been uploaded to

Photograph of the two Molly's taking the SocK Granny Nov 29/30 sock collection from Starbucks and my Granddaughters hygiene products for the homeless women.

Left to Right:
Molly - Out Reach Worker
She was excited to see ao many socks!
She hands them out to street people when
she visits them sleeping on the sidewalks.

Molly - Recreational Therapist at the resource center.
When people in need come to the centre she makes sure they get clean socks
She said they often ask for "Sock Granny Socks".

Donate Socks at these locations

#sockgranny #givesocks

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Sock Announcement re 2015 Sock Drive

Molly from sent me this note
Molly wrote Nov 25/15
"I counted all the socks from today and the total was 524.
Your grand total to date is 947!!!!
Congrats! And Thank you again.
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Donations can be left at these locations:

Click for Location list

#sockgranny thanks you!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

102 Pairs of Socks Creates a Happy Buzz

Nov. 23/15 Wendy arrived with 102 pairs of socks for our Sock Drive collection. Thank you Wendy for being such an excellent shopper on our behalf for the homeless.
Let me explain a bit of background to this story.

It all began with a visit from Molly of

As the Sock Granny,I am the person with the original vision that Senior's and their families working together can still do a lot of good. Some of my most passionate supporters are in their 90s and one lady is 100 and loves to give fuzzy socks. Everyone living in my Senior's Residence have many serious health problems, including me, but we all have some socks in our dresser draws that we don't wear anymore. Socks began to show up at my apartment door by the bag full.
Our Rec. Director, Jennifer, and I decided to have a Sock Appreciation Hot Chocolate Party and people brought more socks. Some wanted to give cash because they were unable to go shopping anymore. The problem is, I can't go shopping either. Wendy heard of my problem and volunteered to do sock shopping for me! She looks for socks of good quality but on sale so me can make the best use of the donated money and our friends, the homeless and mentality ill, recieve the very best we can give.

Socks at Terraces on 7th cause a real positive buzz among the residents and you often see people at the sock donation basket talking and feeling the socks.(I call it petting the socks with love for those in need.) It is wonderful that the socks are making seniors feel happier too.

Drop-off locations in Vancouver, BC
Sock Donations

#sockgranny thanks you!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

How to Start a Sock Drive for the Homeless – Be Kind

Starting a sock drive is an act of kindness that will ripple out and touch many people.

Our guest speaker was the recreational therapist from the mental health and homeless facility that is just across the street from where we live. One of many topics that she spoke about was their great need for socks during the winter months. Everyone who comes in will get a pair of clean used or new socks. Why socks? Homeless people walk everywhere all day long and often in wet socks from the rainy/snowy winter giving rise to rampant athlete's foot and painful infections that thrive when your feet are constantly wet. The homeless will not take their shoes and socks off even if they have a place to sleep in a shelter because they fear their shoes and socks will be stolen during the night. So everyone is given clean, dry socks everyday.
She then told us how easy it was to start a sock drive by telling us about the highschool students at her daughters school started a Sock Drive for the Homeless with one poster and talking to friends – they donated 200 pairs of socks.

2013 I volunteered to collect socks. My original goal was 100 pairs of socks. We reached that in less than 2 weeks and our total climbed to over 400 pairs of socks by the end of January 2014.

The Sock Granny was born! Read the published news release:
MPA Society’s call for donations for new socks received an overwhelmingly positive response, thanks to the “Sock Granny.”

2015 is our 3rd annual Sock Drive and it is growing far beyond my wildest dreams. My Granddaugher has a passion to help homeless women and she is collecting for their special hygienic needs. Her shopping skills with cash donations has been labelled as briliant by the MPA representive, Molly McDonald.

A sample of Serene's items for the homeless women:

List of donation locations in Vancouver, BC, Canada
To Donate Click Here

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Following a River of Socks

The spirit of the River of Socks is fed by people who are full of goodness, kindness and most important the power of love.
All this power comes from the most unlikely sources

November, Friday the 13th, 2015 is World Kindness Day. When we entered our dining room we all recieved a rose in a gift bag that looked like a product promotion. In the bag was healthy snacks and one pair of socks.
Kind Snacks and Bombas joined together to give kindness gifts to the elderly on World Kindness Day. (This was not a scam or joke.)
We were the the recipients of true kindness and I was humbled and touched.
I put my pair of socks in our Sock Donation Basket and saw that someone had already donated theirs. By the next day the basket was half full of Bombas socks.
I am so proud to have so many "elderly heroes" as my friends that have hearts overflowing with love and kindness for the poor - the homeless.

Thank you!

Complete List of Drop-off Locations

Friday, November 13, 2015

Giving is a World Without Borders

From China with LOVE!

300 pairs of new socks drectly from China to the Sock Granny sock drive for the homeless and mentally ill at resource centre
Read how the Sock Granny began collecting socks MPA Society's call for donations

This generous donation is from my friends friend who has family in the sock business in China. Thank you very much!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Love Your Global Neighbors

Molly keeps a running total of the pairs of socks she gets from me and Nov. 6 after her pick-up she emailed me, " Your total stands at 423 pairs as of today ! Congratulations!"

Thank you everyone !!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Donate Socks at these Locations

Drop-off locations in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Terraces on 7th (1570 West 7th Avenue) leave at front desk for Sock Granny

8th and Main Clothing Stores at 8th and Main and Downtown at 1105 Granville Street

Starbucks Stores:

Donation for Mens and Womens Socks

Granville and 11th Avenue

Kits Beach - Corwall and Yew

Granville Chapters - Broadway

4th Ave. and Vine

False Creek - 6th Ave and Willow

Broadway and Pine

Cornwall and Cypress

16th Ave and MacDonald

Donations for socks and womens hygienic products for the homeless

Granville Island - 3rd Ave and Burrard

Portico - 7th Ave and Granville

Thank you #Starbucks and 8th and Main Clothing stores!

Gift Socks from Japan

One of the greatest gifts you can give a homeless person is a pair of socks.

You may have seen a homeless man standing with a poster that says, "Socks are the most needed but least donated."

A visiting couple from Japan brought the Sock Granny socks for the homeless sock drive.
Can you imagine how happy and surprised they will be they see the socks are a special gift from Japan and that people care for each other worldwide. Very much apprecated.
Here are the cool labels. Thank you for making a positive difference in someones life.

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Visitors from Japan

Today I learned that visitors from Japan are in Vancouver and they brought socks all the way from Japan to give them to the Sock Granny.
I am so excited that I will meet them next week.
I will share the picture of the socks and more of their story at that time.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

To all the Global Visitors -- Thank You!

The need for socks is without borders!

Over 100 million are homeless wordwide. Part of the Sock Granny Sock Drive mission is to help people in every country become sock aware and you can make a difference with one pair of socks. #givesocks

The Sock Granny Blog has had visitors between Aug 16, 2015 – Nov 4, 2015 from these countries:
United States, Canada, Slovakia,
Italy, Switzerland, France, Netherlands,
Russia, Sweden, Singapore, Chile
Serbia, Ukraine, Georgia, United Kingdom
Germany, Brazil, Ireland, Argentina,
Japan, Belgium

We thank you for visiting.


Sunday, October 18, 2015

Happiness in the Sock Donation Basket

My Sock Donation Basket looked empty as I approached it but then I noticed a note inside the basket.

It was a "Happiness Note" with a promise that will make 300 people a little happier!

Happiness exists because of the constant practice of generosity.
Thank You!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Donation Excitedly Approved

When Molly (representative from came to my place to pickup the latest donations she was excited to see the new donations for the homeless women. The photograph records the moment and the words for Serene's spending of the money donated towards buying for the women.
The list includes Women's hygiene items and Women's comfort items. When Serene saw the flashlights that don't need batteries she immediately thought of how they would contribute towards the safety of the women.

Thank you!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Desperate Plight of Homeless Women

The Huffington Post artcle tells the dreadful story about homeless women
For Homeless Women, Getting Their Period Is One Of The Most Difficult Challenges

When was the last time you gave a box of Tampons to a Homeless Shelter?

When was the last time you worried about the Homeless Women on our streets?

For Homeless Women, Having a Period Isn't a Hassle – It's a Nightmare!!
Read about some of the options for the menstruating cycle... Read here.....

This fall we had a cold rainy weekend and Serene, a High School student, began worrying about the homeless women on the streets of Vancouver, BC.
How do they manage their periods when living on the street? She looked into the problem, what she learned made her feel bad and she was determined to do something to help. She asked if she could join me, The Sock Granny, to focus on helping the homeless women with their needs. I agreed and she immediately went to work.
With her first donations she went shopping.

She shopped with two rules: 1. Women's Hygiene 2. Women's Comfort

Please support Serene's passion to help homeless women by donating hygienic products at the Sock Granny Donation box @ Granville Island Starbucks.
8th & Main Clothing (both locations) 2403 Main St, Vancouver
1105 Granville Street, Vancouver

#HappyPeriod for Homeless Women

Hygiene for Homeless Women

Homeless Woman in Toronto, Canada tells her story - "just say hello"

Monday, October 5, 2015

Global Sock Drive has been Launched

More than 100 million people worldwide are homeless. according to World Habitat Day 2015 key facts.
Our Sock Launch Party on Oct. 2, 2015 was a huge success and everyone is excited to make this year the best ever!
The Sock Granny Team has expanded far beyond my wildest dreams and we want to Go Global in helping people become Sock Aware for the Homeless in their communities.

Our newest international group will be posting their exciting news when they launch Socktober about mid-October - watch for Ace Society UNMC posts.

I would like to introduce our hardworking Team.

Barb, from Starbucks will be posting a list of Starbuck stores that have agreed to be a drop-off location for the Sock Granny. Barb is also my assistant writer, organizer and contact person at Granville Island Starbucks.

Photo of Molly (MPA) and Barb

Amanda works in a Clothing Store called 8th and Main and both of their stores have a sock donation box for socks.

8th & Main Clothing (both locations)
2403 Main St, Vancouver
1105 Granville Street, Vancouver

Photo of Molly and Amanda

A Flight Attendant is gathering socks from her friends as she travels the world. Right now she is on a 8 day shift world wide. I will post her experiences when she gets back.

Carla from Kaplan International College collects socks on campus from the generous international students.

Photo of Carla and Sock Granny

High school student, Serene, and her friends are focusing on the growing number of homeless women by donating products specific for their needs. Please support Serene and her friends for breaking new ground by asking for donations for personal items for women.
Sock Granny Donation box @ Granville Island Starbucks.
8th & Main Clothing (both locations) 2403 Main St, Vancouver
1105 Granville Street, Vancouver

Molly is from the MPA-Society on Fir and 7th where the socks will go directly to those who need them the most.
Photo is of Molly welcoming Serene to the Sock Granny Team.

Do you know how many are homeless in your country?
Awareness is growing globally as the groups collecting socks support each other and so far the US Comfort Socks and the UK Socks and Chocs have liked our page.

Homeless Woman in Toronto tells her story - "just say hello"

I would like to thank staff and residents at Terraces on 7th, Vancouver, BC for their phenomenal support for the Sock Granny Sock Drive!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sock Drives Across Canada for 2015

The Sock Drive organizers across Canada are revving up their engines to get ready for the biggest Sock Drive ever by breaking all their previous records.

If you live in Vancouver, The Sock Granny's 3rd annual Sock Drive begins Oct 2, 2015 with Molly McDonald from MPA-Society as our guest speaker.
Sock Granny is on Facebook where you will find Drop-off locations for sock donations and up-to-date information about the Sock Granny and the MPA Society link. Here you will find a collection of photographs from last years amazing Sock Drive.

Let's move on to Edmonton where you will read in the Edmonton Sun that the inaugural Toasty Toes Sock Drive has already started.

Winnipeg have already been hard at work for their 2015 Sock Drive with the total already over 74,000!
The name of the group collecting socks for the homeless in Winnipeg, Canada is WARMER TOES in WINNIPEG

Frank Faulk's documentary about the essential importance of socks to the homeless is still applicable today.
CBC Radio Socks for the Homeless

Friday, September 25, 2015

How You Can Give Socks in the United States

Where can you give socks in the United States.
Comfort Socks

Comfort Socks is a nation wide charity organization who are passionate about giving socks to the homeless.

Like Comfort Socks on Facebook

Sock Drop-off Locations in Vancouver, BC, Canada
Granville Island Starbucks, for Barb Vance (Sock donations)
Terraces on 7th - Front Desk, (1570 W7th) ask for Sock Granny.
8th & Main Clothing (both locations), in donation box

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Sock Drive Support with No Generation Gap

People who want to give socks come from every age group and are digging deeper than ever to show their compassion and love to the homeless and mentally ill. With this powerful team work we hope to move mountains and break previous records for 2015/16. Our motive is to warm feet and warm hearts.

10+ year old children have spent their allowance to buy socks for this charity. It is something they understand when they see the homeless everytime they go shopping with their Mom. What an important life lesson they learn when they can give a pair of socks and know it will make a difference to a suffering person.
College students are collecting socks for the Sock Granny to give to a homeless resource center.
High School students are joining forces to support the Sock Granny Sock Drive 2015. They are using the power of Facebook to promote their own Sock Drive and then their Organizer, Serene, will deliver them to me, The Sock Granny.
Flight Attendants are collecting socks from their global friends.
Family and friends are busy cleaning out their "sock dresser draws" of used socks. The socks don't have to be matching. They do need to be clean and NO holes." Each sock is precious to the Sock Granny and to the men and women who recieve them.

Read about the

Follow The Sock Granny on Facebook

Drop-off Locations:
Granville Island Starbucks, for Barb Vance (Sock donations)
Terraces on 7th - Front Desk, (1570 W7th) ask for Sock Granny

8th & Main Clothing (both locations), in donation box

Friday, September 11, 2015

The 3rd Annual Sock Drive Goes Global

Support for Sock Granny's Sock Drive is growing everyday.

Our 3rd annual Sock Drive is getting ready to start again October 1, 2015! A simple way to help those who need socks the most - clean out your "used sock drawer" (clean and no holes) and give them to the Sock Granny as I make sure the socks go directly to the homeless and mentally ill.

Introducing a NEW features to our Sock Drive in 2 ways.

1. This year we are going Global with our sock drive by Helping people become Aware of giving socks in their neighborhoods. No cost but you do need a big,kind heart. Turn your office and school gift giving parties into Sock Gifts for the homeless.

2. More exciting news about our Global plans soon. (I'm waiting to hear from my contact in Paris) Next time you bring a souvenir home from a trip why not bring a pair of socks for the Sock Granny to give homeless with cold, infected, painful feet.... with a special note telling them where the socks came from. Think of the life changing impact that pair of gift socks could have on one person!! Sock Granny is going Global - please join me in warming the heart as well as the feet.

Follow/like The Sock Granny on Facebook

All sock donations are hand delivered directly to MPA-Society Vancouver where they are distributed directly to the mentally ill and homeless - men and women. I began this journey in 2013 Thank you for your support.

Drop-off Locations:
Granville Island Starbucks, for Barb Vance (Sock donations)
Terraces on 7th - Front Desk, (1570 W7th) ask for Sock Granny.

8th & Main Clothing (both locations), in donation box

New edit update:
The first Global Stats are in!
The Sock Granny Blog has had visitors between
Aug 16, 2015 – Sep 14, 2015 from these countries
United States, Canada, Slovakia,
Italy, Switzerland,
France, Netherlands,
Russia, Sweden,

Add to the above list these new countries: Sept 18 - Chile
Add to the above list this new country on Sept 19: Serbia
Add to the above list this new country on Sept 20: Ukraine
Add to tne above list this new country on Sept 21: Georgia
Add to the above list this new country on Sept 25: United Kingdom
Add to the above list this new country on Sept 27: Germany
Add to the above list this new country on Oct 18: Brazil

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Socks are still the most Needed

Today I saw a poster held by a homeless person that said "Socks are the most needed but the least donated!" It made me feel sad and even more determined to keep collecting socks for the ever growing numbers of men and women becoming homeless.
The people who are helping the homeless I applaud! I found this board on Pinterest that has lots of ways you can help.

The poster asking for socks

Monday, May 11, 2015

We Care about Nepal Earthquake Victims

The company called has opened a store that exclusively sells products where the proceeds of all the sales will be donated to the Support Nepal Fund. I am pleased to be invited to donate one of my designs to be used in this special store.

Support Nepal Earthquake Relief 2015
Proceeds from the sale of these products with my personal design (designed by gramabarb) for this charity will be donated to Support Nepal:

Designed by GramaBarb
We Care Nepal Postcard
We Care Nepal Postcard by SupportNepal
Look at Supportnepal2015 Postcards online at

Thank you for Supporting Nepal during a time of great need due to the 2015 earthquake.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Our Smiling Neighbours at MPA Society

Molly and The Sock Granny

Our neighbours would like to say "thank you" for all the sock donations that bring a little comfort to their lives but more than that it warms their heart that we care for each other.

The staff photo has in the Back row Trevor, Carole and Ed who are Mental Health Care Workers and then Molly C. who is a Homeless Outreach Worker.
Front row is Miriah who is a Homeless Outreach Worker and Molly Mac who is the Art Therapist and Recreation Therapist for the MPA.

25 Appreciation Awards were given to members of MPA. Heartfelt cheering and applause rang through the room for everyone who won an Award. Each award was a major accomplishment and well deserved.

Four people gave me permission to publish their photograph and help me give a " smiling face" to the socks that have been donated.
Some spoke of the love they felt from the socks you donated when someone cared enough to donate soft extra warm socks.
On the left is Cheryl for “her caring and helpful spirit with others"
Left-- Patti and her award was for “her positive attitude and fun personality"
Right -- Terry and his Award was for “making us laugh”
Left -- Vicki and her award was for “her wonderful smile”

Friday, March 6, 2015

My Greatest Privilege Ever!

February 24, 2015 I was invited to a very special event at the MPA Resource Centre where I had been donating socks to the needy mentally ill and the homeless. I was excited to attend to finally meet in person some of these courageous people that have been getting some comfort from the over 1400 pairs of socks my family, friends and I have collected.

I will always remember my hour with everyone as they are such an example of caring and giving support to one another for important accomplishments by giving Certificates of Appreciation. There was about 25 categories and in house members of MPA voted for members they felt excelled in each category. There was a category called the "Brightest Smile" and the winner was so thrilled to get a Certificate for her smile! What a heart touching event.

I am most pleased to have the honour of being part their celebration.
Tnank you!