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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sock Count Update - 985 pairs

New count and our total is now 985 pairs of socks! Watch for the top of the sock-o-meter bursting off soon!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Nov 27 - New Total is 912 pairs of Socks

Sock Granny is dancing today!

Take a look at our new total... Thank you!
There are so many in need of socks we are collecting to the end of January. Molly told me today "they never have enough socks during the winter months!" Let's blow the top off the Sock-o-Meter and keep the socks coming. Colleges are holding sock drives! Thanks so much!

Friday, November 14, 2014

New Sock Total as of Nov. 13, 2014

We broke the 800 pairs of socks donated barrier at 826!

Exciting moment of filling in the Sock-o-Meter to the incredible figure of 826.

"Thank you to all the kind and generous people!", Sock Friend, Jennifer and The Sock Granny

Sunday, November 9, 2014


Huge sock donation just arrived!
Do the math: 18 dozen pairs of socks were delivered to my apt. tonight!
Isn't that amazing?

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Socks that Bring Comfort

Molly (Recreation Therapist at MPA Society) was our guest at the Sock Granny Launch Party. She explained that many of their clients, including the homeless, desperately need socks. That week (of Oct. 20/14) over 400 pairs of socks were donated to the

This week Molly sent me an email that illustrates how our socks are able to bring comfort to those who need it most.

"November 5, 2014
Hi Barbara,
I just wanted to let you know about an event we had yesterday.
We have two LPN students here from Vancouver Community College doing their practicum.
We had a foot spa event where the students cleaned and creamed 10 of our members feet and were able to give each person a new pair of socks, that your sock drive collected, after their treatment.
Along with this they received a pamphlet about how to care for their feet, signs of infection and where they can go to get those infections etc. treated.
One of the students came to me and said how thrilled everyone was to get the treatment for their feet but also how thankful they were for the new socks. One member was wearing socks that basically were nonexistent.
We had an equal number of men and women take part.
We will have another foot spa day next Monday with the students before they go back to the classroom.
Thank you and your other sock donors for helping to make events like this so successful.
Warmest regards,


Monday, November 3, 2014

Vancouver - Look Outside - it is pouring!

When you look out your window and it is raining - no, POURING, do you think of those without a home? Do you know that just one pair of socks will make a difference in their life?

Help - Where to drop off donated socks in Vancouver?
Starbucks 1500 Wind Ave, Granville Island - Barb is collecting socks
Starbucks 1855 Burrard St - Amanda is collecting socks
Thank you Amanda for collecting socks for those who need it most.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Featuring Sock Friend Sheila

Sheila is a two year veteran as a Sock Friend

Sheila is a staff member of the Wellness Dept. at Terrances on 7th.
For two years she has been generously supporting me, The Sock Granny, in collecting socks for the They give socks directly to those who need them most. Since they are our neighbours we are more than happy to donate socks to them during our cold, wet winters here in Vancouver, BC.

Thank you, Sheila, for your loyal support.

Who is The Sock Granny?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Amanda Sock Friend Administrator

Featuring Amanda, a hard working Sock Friend.

UPDATE! UPDATE! October 2015 Sock Drive. Amanda is back for our 3rd Annual Sock Drive for the homeless.

Her new sock drop-off locations in Vancouver, BC are:
8th & Main Clothing (both locations)
2403 Main St, Vancouver
1105 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC

Read more about Sock Granny 2015:
2015 - Sock Granny goes Global with the goal of breaking all records.

Amanda spent many volunteer hours in preparing for our big launch party on Oct. 20, 2014. She designed posters and arranged for two Starbuck Stores to be a drop-off location for donated socks for the Sock Granny 1000 Campaign. Starbucks 1855 Burrard St - leave socks with Amanda
Amanda worked tirelessly during the entire Sock Party in looking after all 400 pairs of socks.

Amanda's warm smile and gracious words for everyone who donated socks made her a popular true friend of the 1000 pairs of Sock Campaign.

Thank you, Amanda and Molly

Watch our Sock-o-Meter climb to 1000 pairs of socks by the end of January, 2015

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Sock Granny Team of Sock Friends

Please welcome and support my hard working team of Sock Friends.

Molly, my mentor, from the MPA Society who personally gives the socks to those who need them most.

Molly counting socks donated last year - 2013/2014 season - The grand total was 400 pairs of socks last year.
This year our goal is to give 1000 pairs of socks.

List of Sock Friends you can give the socks to and they will deliver them to the Sock Granny.
Amanda, administrator, artist and sock collector. She collects socks at Starbucks 1855 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC. Amanda has already donated 6 pairs in Oct./14
Serene, administrative assistant and sock collector.
Jennifer, Recreation Coordinator here at Terraces on 7th where she organizes events to support the Sock Granny 1000 pairs campaign. Our launch party is Oct. 20, 2014. Please bring socks. Jennifer has already donated 35 pairs of socks.
Barb, sock collector. She collects socks at the Granville Island Starbucks, Vancouver, BC
Rei, sock collector and decorator. Rei volunteered to transform one of my vests into a Sock Granny vest. It is perfect for the Sock Granny launch party. Rei has already donated 9 pairs in Oct/14
Camilla, sock collector.
Sheila, sock collector. Sheila is an enthusiastic sock collector from last year and she wanted to be a Sock Friend again this year. She has already donated 6 pairs in Oct./14
Maricris, sock collector.
You can give socks to any of the Sock Friends and they will personally deliver the socks to the Sock Granny. We make sure every pair of socks are given to someone with cold, wet, painful feet. When they take their old wet socks off then they are given a clean pair to put on. Every one of the pairs of socks you give will make a difference in someones life.
We never give money!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Featuring Sock Friend Rei

Sock Granny has an incredible Team called Sock Friends who are passionate about collecting socks for the homeless and mentally ill.
Rei is one of the Sock Friends Team and from the very beginning she enthusiastically wanted to become a supporter of Sock Granny's goal of collecting 1000 pairs of socks.

The very next day Rei donated five pairs of socks.
When the date for our Launch Party of Sock Granny 1000 Campaign was set for Oct. 20th, we discussed the idea that I should wear something made of socks. She volunteered to sew some socks on one of my vests for me. I was positively excited about it and so was Rei! She brought the finished vest today PLUS 9 more pairs of socks.

Rei modelling my Sock Granny Vest:

Thank you very much for all your work even though you have a very busy schedual. A big hand of applause for Rei

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Who is The Sock Granny?

2013 the called for donations for new and clean used socks. I, GramaBarb, responded and everyone started calling me The Sock Granny.
The very first day I recieved a donation of 5 pairs of socks and soon bags of socks were being left at my apartment door. Molly from the MPA Society made regular visits to my apartment to pick up large and small bags of socks. She often said she would be happy to come for one pair of socks as one pair can make such a difference to a homeless persons life especially during the wet, cold winter months. Inspired by Molly's words we collected socks until the end of January 2014 ending the season with a grand total of 400 pairs of socks. Which tranlated into 400 painful feet that were warm and dry for people in need. I was featured on the MPA Societies news page, Vancouver, BC.
MPA-Motivation, Power & Achievement Society

This season we have set a new goal at 1000 pairs of socks. Volunteers are coming forward and want to help The Sock Granny with the new Sock Granny 1000 campaign.
They are calling themselves "Sock Friend" and already they have been hard at work.
Sock Friend Amanda has spent 2 of her days off work at getting the promo work done so more will know that the Sock Granny is back! Plus she has created The Sock Granny Facebook page and will manage it. You are invited to stop by and follow us on our quest for 1000 pairs of socks. We need socks for men and women. Also we have connections to a children's charity who also need socks. Sept. 30/14 = 6 pairs of socks
Sock Friend Serene is a volunteer who is working with contacts at High School and other promotion work in her community.
Sock Friend Rei has volunteered to transform one of my vests into a Sock Granny vest complete with attached socks that she is sewing onto it. She is doing this so I can wear something fun at our big Sock Granny 1000 launch party on Oct. 20th! Plus she has already donated socks.
Sock Friend Jennifer has already donated 35 pairs of socks that she has collected from her generous friends. She is the Recreation Coordinator here at Terraces on 7th and she will be the hostess at the Sock Granny 1000 launch party. Our guest will be Molly McDonald, Recreation Therapist at MPA Society. She will share some stories about why socks can make such a difference to people in need.
Sock Friend Barb has written me and said, " I will be collecting at the Granville Island Starbucks - 1500 Wind Ave, if you would like to donate please just write Barb on the bag, thank you." She is a major collector on the Sock Granny Team.

Sock Granny - is the founder of the Sock Granny Team. Sept 30 = 12 pairs of socks.

All we ask of you is: Be kind -- give a stranger in need a pair of socks.

The first bag of socks we donated for the 2014-2015 season is a total of 50 pairs of socks.