Sunday, September 28, 2014

Who is The Sock Granny?

2013 the called for donations for new and clean used socks. I, GramaBarb, responded and everyone started calling me The Sock Granny.
The very first day I recieved a donation of 5 pairs of socks and soon bags of socks were being left at my apartment door. Molly from the MPA Society made regular visits to my apartment to pick up large and small bags of socks. She often said she would be happy to come for one pair of socks as one pair can make such a difference to a homeless persons life especially during the wet, cold winter months. Inspired by Molly's words we collected socks until the end of January 2014 ending the season with a grand total of 400 pairs of socks. Which tranlated into 400 painful feet that were warm and dry for people in need. I was featured on the MPA Societies news page, Vancouver, BC.
MPA-Motivation, Power & Achievement Society

This season we have set a new goal at 1000 pairs of socks. Volunteers are coming forward and want to help The Sock Granny with the new Sock Granny 1000 campaign.
They are calling themselves "Sock Friend" and already they have been hard at work.
Sock Friend Amanda has spent 2 of her days off work at getting the promo work done so more will know that the Sock Granny is back! Plus she has created The Sock Granny Facebook page and will manage it. You are invited to stop by and follow us on our quest for 1000 pairs of socks. We need socks for men and women. Also we have connections to a children's charity who also need socks. Sept. 30/14 = 6 pairs of socks
Sock Friend Serene is a volunteer who is working with contacts at High School and other promotion work in her community.
Sock Friend Rei has volunteered to transform one of my vests into a Sock Granny vest complete with attached socks that she is sewing onto it. She is doing this so I can wear something fun at our big Sock Granny 1000 launch party on Oct. 20th! Plus she has already donated socks.
Sock Friend Jennifer has already donated 35 pairs of socks that she has collected from her generous friends. She is the Recreation Coordinator here at Terraces on 7th and she will be the hostess at the Sock Granny 1000 launch party. Our guest will be Molly McDonald, Recreation Therapist at MPA Society. She will share some stories about why socks can make such a difference to people in need.
Sock Friend Barb has written me and said, " I will be collecting at the Granville Island Starbucks - 1500 Wind Ave, if you would like to donate please just write Barb on the bag, thank you." She is a major collector on the Sock Granny Team.

Sock Granny - is the founder of the Sock Granny Team. Sept 30 = 12 pairs of socks.

All we ask of you is: Be kind -- give a stranger in need a pair of socks.

The first bag of socks we donated for the 2014-2015 season is a total of 50 pairs of socks.


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