Friday, October 3, 2014

Featuring Sock Friend Rei

Sock Granny has an incredible Team called Sock Friends who are passionate about collecting socks for the homeless and mentally ill.
Rei is one of the Sock Friends Team and from the very beginning she enthusiastically wanted to become a supporter of Sock Granny's goal of collecting 1000 pairs of socks.

The very next day Rei donated five pairs of socks.
When the date for our Launch Party of Sock Granny 1000 Campaign was set for Oct. 20th, we discussed the idea that I should wear something made of socks. She volunteered to sew some socks on one of my vests for me. I was positively excited about it and so was Rei! She brought the finished vest today PLUS 9 more pairs of socks.

Rei modelling my Sock Granny Vest:

Thank you very much for all your work even though you have a very busy schedual. A big hand of applause for Rei

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