Monday, October 5, 2015

Global Sock Drive has been Launched

More than 100 million people worldwide are homeless. according to World Habitat Day 2015 key facts.
Our Sock Launch Party on Oct. 2, 2015 was a huge success and everyone is excited to make this year the best ever!
The Sock Granny Team has expanded far beyond my wildest dreams and we want to Go Global in helping people become Sock Aware for the Homeless in their communities.

Our newest international group will be posting their exciting news when they launch Socktober about mid-October - watch for Ace Society UNMC posts.

I would like to introduce our hardworking Team.

Barb, from Starbucks will be posting a list of Starbuck stores that have agreed to be a drop-off location for the Sock Granny. Barb is also my assistant writer, organizer and contact person at Granville Island Starbucks.

Photo of Molly (MPA) and Barb

Amanda works in a Clothing Store called 8th and Main and both of their stores have a sock donation box for socks.

8th & Main Clothing (both locations)
2403 Main St, Vancouver
1105 Granville Street, Vancouver

Photo of Molly and Amanda

A Flight Attendant is gathering socks from her friends as she travels the world. Right now she is on a 8 day shift world wide. I will post her experiences when she gets back.

Carla from Kaplan International College collects socks on campus from the generous international students.

Photo of Carla and Sock Granny

High school student, Serene, and her friends are focusing on the growing number of homeless women by donating products specific for their needs. Please support Serene and her friends for breaking new ground by asking for donations for personal items for women.
Sock Granny Donation box @ Granville Island Starbucks.
8th & Main Clothing (both locations) 2403 Main St, Vancouver
1105 Granville Street, Vancouver

Molly is from the MPA-Society on Fir and 7th where the socks will go directly to those who need them the most.
Photo is of Molly welcoming Serene to the Sock Granny Team.

Do you know how many are homeless in your country?
Awareness is growing globally as the groups collecting socks support each other and so far the US Comfort Socks and the UK Socks and Chocs have liked our page.

Homeless Woman in Toronto tells her story - "just say hello"

I would like to thank staff and residents at Terraces on 7th, Vancouver, BC for their phenomenal support for the Sock Granny Sock Drive!

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