Friday, September 11, 2015

The 3rd Annual Sock Drive Goes Global

Support for Sock Granny's Sock Drive is growing everyday.

Our 3rd annual Sock Drive is getting ready to start again October 1, 2015! A simple way to help those who need socks the most - clean out your "used sock drawer" (clean and no holes) and give them to the Sock Granny as I make sure the socks go directly to the homeless and mentally ill.

Introducing a NEW features to our Sock Drive in 2 ways.

1. This year we are going Global with our sock drive by Helping people become Aware of giving socks in their neighborhoods. No cost but you do need a big,kind heart. Turn your office and school gift giving parties into Sock Gifts for the homeless.

2. More exciting news about our Global plans soon. (I'm waiting to hear from my contact in Paris) Next time you bring a souvenir home from a trip why not bring a pair of socks for the Sock Granny to give homeless with cold, infected, painful feet.... with a special note telling them where the socks came from. Think of the life changing impact that pair of gift socks could have on one person!! Sock Granny is going Global - please join me in warming the heart as well as the feet.

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All sock donations are hand delivered directly to MPA-Society Vancouver where they are distributed directly to the mentally ill and homeless - men and women. I began this journey in 2013 Thank you for your support.

Drop-off Locations:
Granville Island Starbucks, for Barb Vance (Sock donations)
Terraces on 7th - Front Desk, (1570 W7th) ask for Sock Granny.

8th & Main Clothing (both locations), in donation box

New edit update:
The first Global Stats are in!
The Sock Granny Blog has had visitors between
Aug 16, 2015 – Sep 14, 2015 from these countries
United States, Canada, Slovakia,
Italy, Switzerland,
France, Netherlands,
Russia, Sweden,

Add to the above list these new countries: Sept 18 - Chile
Add to the above list this new country on Sept 19: Serbia
Add to the above list this new country on Sept 20: Ukraine
Add to tne above list this new country on Sept 21: Georgia
Add to the above list this new country on Sept 25: United Kingdom
Add to the above list this new country on Sept 27: Germany
Add to the above list this new country on Oct 18: Brazil

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