Sunday, November 15, 2015

Following a River of Socks

The spirit of the River of Socks is fed by people who are full of goodness, kindness and most important the power of love.
All this power comes from the most unlikely sources

November, Friday the 13th, 2015 is World Kindness Day. When we entered our dining room we all recieved a rose in a gift bag that looked like a product promotion. In the bag was healthy snacks and one pair of socks.
Kind Snacks and Bombas joined together to give kindness gifts to the elderly on World Kindness Day. (This was not a scam or joke.)
We were the the recipients of true kindness and I was humbled and touched.
I put my pair of socks in our Sock Donation Basket and saw that someone had already donated theirs. By the next day the basket was half full of Bombas socks.
I am so proud to have so many "elderly heroes" as my friends that have hearts overflowing with love and kindness for the poor - the homeless.

Thank you!

Complete List of Drop-off Locations

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