Tuesday, November 24, 2015

102 Pairs of Socks Creates a Happy Buzz

Nov. 23/15 Wendy arrived with 102 pairs of socks for our Sock Drive collection. Thank you Wendy for being such an excellent shopper on our behalf for the homeless.
Let me explain a bit of background to this story.

It all began with a visit from Molly of MPA-society.org

As the Sock Granny,I am the person with the original vision that Senior's and their families working together can still do a lot of good. Some of my most passionate supporters are in their 90s and one lady is 100 and loves to give fuzzy socks. Everyone living in my Senior's Residence have many serious health problems, including me, but we all have some socks in our dresser draws that we don't wear anymore. Socks began to show up at my apartment door by the bag full.
Our Rec. Director, Jennifer, and I decided to have a Sock Appreciation Hot Chocolate Party and people brought more socks. Some wanted to give cash because they were unable to go shopping anymore. The problem is, I can't go shopping either. Wendy heard of my problem and volunteered to do sock shopping for me! She looks for socks of good quality but on sale so me can make the best use of the donated money and our friends, the homeless and mentality ill, recieve the very best we can give.

Socks at Terraces on 7th cause a real positive buzz among the residents and you often see people at the sock donation basket talking and feeling the socks.(I call it petting the socks with love for those in need.) It is wonderful that the socks are making seniors feel happier too.

Drop-off locations in Vancouver, BC
Sock Donations

#sockgranny thanks you!

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