Saturday, January 9, 2016

Brian Coxford Interviews Sock Granny

On Jan. 8, 2016 Retirement Concepts (owner of Terraces on 7th) arranged a big event called "Star Search" for their new web page.
The Sock Granny was invited to be one of the featured guests.

Much to my surprise it was Brian Coxford waiting to interview me. Brian Coxford is one of the Award winning reporters from Global TV. I have been watching this super star reporter for 40 years! The challenge for me was how to overcome this wave of "starstruckness" to do the interview. Brian's relaxing skill made it easy and I enjoyed every second of the interview. As soon as the interview becomes available online I will post the link here.
In the meantime The Sock Granny is very grateful for the opportunity Brian has created to make us all aware of giving socks to those who need them most - THE HOMELESS!

Thank you for your support Pat and Brian!



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    1. Thanks! The experience was a huge honour to be a voice for our most needy citizens.